This week, the subject of the article will be the design creator Canva. As soon as I went on the main website, the technological tool caught my eye and seemed really interesting. Speaking for myself, I am someone who love to do picture editing. This tool is perfect for those who love scrapbooking. However, in a context of second language classroom, this tool can also be greatly useful.

As mentioned by Dan Vuksanovich, Canva is a tool really simple and can by used by beginners. As a matter of fact, as you sign in to Canva. The first time, the website will ask you to take a tour and will model you every possibilities available to you. Then, when the tour is done, you can start creating your own design. You first need to select which type of design you wish to do, such as a document, a facebook cover, or even a card. Finally, you start creating by choosing from the different layouts to which you can change the background, the texts and pictures. This tool is available on tablets and computers. 

On a website specially made for educators, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, suggests to use Canva in classroom as it is a tool with unlimited resources as for the pictures and clip arts. However, the website provides only ways for teachers to use the tool in their classroom and no way for students to use it. In fact, they suggests to create posters explaining a learning process or flyers describing classroom events. 

In my opinion, Canva could be use as a tool to present a book or a movie they just read or saw. They could also make a poster that would represent them, including words in english. Moreover, with the “Facebook cover” option, the students could create their name tags (at the elementary level) to be put on their desk for the rest of the year. Since students love what is attracting to the eye, this design tool would be quite helpful to create images that will fulfill this need.



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