“ThingLink is a web-based tool for embedding multimedia content in an image or collection of images” wrote Amy Lauren Botula in her review. This tool consists of inserting various types of multimedia in a single 2D picture in order to make it more interactive. The interface is really easy to use, since there are very little options to do other than choosing a starter image and continue on with it. After creating his or her account, the teacher or the student has to click on “create” and then chose how to upload the image. For example, the person can upload it form his or her computer, his or her Facebook or Flickr account, or simply copy and past a website’s URL. From now on, the only thing that the user has to do is click wherever he or she wants a multimedia to be added and insert the  information desired.

From a teacher’s perspective, it is a great tool for students who are more visual, since the information is linked with the appropriate part of the image. As said by TeachersFirst, teachers could, for example, enhance the information of a project or an activity by having a picture of the latter projected on the board with the tagged information. As the teacher would be explaining the project, he or she could click on the tags and show the instructions. This image could be shared with the students, who will be able to use it as a reference when they will need clarifications.

Moreover, from the students point of view, teachers could ask them to do a project in which they would need to find information or any other media to the subject and add them in their pictures. It could also be used for describing characters in a story. For instance, they would have to find a picture with all the characters in it, and then make their descriptions or make links with other characters in other movies using the tags.

In the end, ThingLink is a great tool for visual students, since they can associate and summarize information with a certain object. Also, this tool is free, which makes it even more accessible for both teachers and students.


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