The tool that I will be describing today is Flipboard. This website is available on every technological devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Basically, this application is a magazine that you create as you follow topics that you care about. It is also great for sharing pictures, videos and stories that you like. As clearly explained by Google Play, the first thing you do as a new user is to choose topics you interested in, in order to see magazine that might interest you and begin to create you own magazine. When you see an article that you like and that you would like to share with others, click on the “+” buttons and choose a category of article that you have or create a new one. These “categories” are there for people that read your magazine, if they wish to, they can simply follow one of your categories which they prefer.

There are many ways to use this tools in a classroom and Prasanna Bharti mentions a few of them, which I believe to be great ideas. One of her ideas that I preferred the most is using Flipboard as a tool to prepare the course syllabus. As a matter of fact, a teacher could write about different articles or topics that the students will have to deal with later in the year. Moreover, as Bharti suggests teachers could have a WordPress, for example, write a blog article and then share it with her students using her Flipboard. Moving from there, the teacher could be giving her class whose theme will be related to the latter article.

Moreover, teachers could give as a long-term project, a Flipboard Assignment to do.  The assignment could simply be adding articles and pictures to the magazine and each week or at the very end of the year, the students will have to present their Flipboard to their classmates. These classmates could have as a task to be filling a short quiz or a similar type of task, in which they would need to write information, such as “What are the names of the categories?”

Furthermore, teachers could put several articles related to a specific subject and put them in a category. Then, as an exam or a writing project, they could ask students something like: “Drawing on the articles in the Apollo Mission section, make up an opinion about the subject.” “What do you think were the relevant information?” And so on.

To sum up, Flipboard is an interactive tool which can be easily used by teachers and students on any technological devices. The only limitations to this tool is, of course, the availability of technology in the classroom and at home. However, almost every school nowadays have a computer lab or even iPads accessible for students. It is also an interesting tool to use since it can connect with every students in the class, because they get to choose the subjects that interest them.



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