Today, I wanted to share with you my exploration of what I believe is a great interactive tool for both teachers and students and why I thought it was worth my attention.

First of all, what is Tiki-Toki? Well, it is basically a free interactive timeline making tool online. As said by Fien Danniau, if Tiki Toki was ranked among all the timeline application, it would certainly be in the top positions with its responsive design. Then, how does it work? Students or teachers, register and then begin by writing a starting and an ending date. From then, they simply add dates and then they can either add information related to them, pictures, videos or even links. However, as mentioned by Mary Beth Hertz, the content added must be copyright-free, or you can pay in order to be able to upload your own material. The timeline can also be categorized according to the information by using different colours. The timeline itself is also subject to be changed, since there are different templates, which can be selected according to the user’s taste. When it is finished, the timeline can be share using its unique URL, exported as a PDF file or printed. Moreover, as mentioned by Patrick Cauley, the website is greatly simple to use. In fact, there are tips to guide you throughout the process which are worded to be understood by sixth graders.

Then, how can it be beneficial for teaching and learning? For example, teachers could use it for pinpointing the main actions happening in a story or showing the steps the students must follow in order to complete a long term project. It is also a good tool to teach students, since some of them are more visual and they would be more suitable for understanding. In addition, the teacher could ask the students to, in teams of 4, read a book or a story and together come up with its main peripeteia and create a timeline to present in front of the class. Also, the fact that the students get to use a computer and make it interactive encourages and motivates them to work in an efficient manner. This tool helps to keep the other classmates to stay focus and engaged to what is happening in front of the class, considering the fact that it is attractive to the eye. You can the experience it from taking a look at one of the examples presented on the main website. Speaking for myself, I am not a big fan of history, but the interactive timeline made me want to read each information and learn about the Tower of London and the events surrounding it. PatrickESLTeaching


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