This week, the subject of the article will be the design creator Canva. As soon as I went on the main website, the technological tool caught my eye and seemed really interesting. Speaking for myself, I am someone who love to do picture editing. This tool is perfect for those who love scrapbooking. However, in a […]

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The tool that I wish to talk about this week is Nearpod, which I believe is great for having students participating in class. In order to work, Nearpod requires at least one mobile device or a computer that has access to Internet for both teachers and students. There is a free version, which has limited […]

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“ThingLink is a web-based tool for embedding multimedia content in an image or collection of images” wrote Amy Lauren Botula in her review. This tool consists of inserting various types of multimedia in a single 2D picture in order to make it more interactive. The interface is really easy to use, since there are very […]

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The tool that I will be describing today is Flipboard. This website is available on every technological devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Basically, this application is a magazine that you create as you follow topics that you care about. It is also great for sharing pictures, videos and stories that you like. As […]

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Today, I wanted to share with you my exploration of what I believe is a great interactive tool for both teachers and students and why I thought it was worth my attention. First of all, what is Tiki-Toki? Well, it is basically a free interactive timeline making tool online. As said by Fien Danniau, if Tiki Toki […]

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This week during my practicum, my associated teacher had a group with learning disabilities and one of the students had on his laptop a software that helped him to write. I thought it was interesting and at the end of the class, I asked the teacher what was the name of the software that the student […]

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Blackboard Learn

Here in Quebec, the CEGEPs and Universities have their own educational platforms which turns out to be excellent tools for teachers. My goal this week was to explore and see if there could be one for High school students. I found one quite interesting, Blackboard Learn. It is used by several universities, one of them […]

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